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Green Silicon Carbide

Introduction to Green silicon carbide Green silicon carbide is made …

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Ferro Molybdenum
Ferro Alloy

Application of Ferro Alloy Why choose Zhen An Metallurgy as …

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Vanadium Pentoxide Flake

Introduction to vanadium pentoxide flakes Vanadium pentoxide fused flakes series …

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Ferro Titanium

Introduction to ferro titanium The chemical composition of ferro-titanium is …

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Metal Silicon Powder

Introduction to metal silicon powder Metal silicon powder is a …

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Ferro Molybdenum
Ferro Molybdenum

Introduction to Ferromolybdenum Ferromolybdenum is main use is in steelmaking …

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Over 30 years of experience

Zhenan international is a leading manufacturer and supplier of metallurgical raw materials with 30 years of experience. We are committed to providing a series of products such as high-quality ferroalloy, metal silicon block/powder, ferro-titanium, ferro-vanadium, ferro-tungsten, and cored wire.

The annual production and sales volume of zhenan international is more than 1.5 million tons. Our factory covers an area of 30,000 square meters and has a complete set of modern production equipment. It has two large production bases such as hydrometallurgy, two key laboratories and one with 16 senior researchers. The personnel of the metallurgical material testing center.

Our products are widely used in steel foundry, automotive, aerospace, marine, coating, energy and refractory industries.

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30 years of experience

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Real Testimonials from Customers

20 days ago, I purchased 15 tons of metal silicon powder for the manufacture of refractory materials. After receiving the goods, they were inspected and met our requirements. Thank you for providing me with high quality metal silicon powder.


Pavel Zakharov


I inquired about 3 suppliers of ferro-titanium, and finally chose to cooperate with Zhen'an. FeTitanium 70 with an order quantity of 20 tons, after inspection, the quality of ferro-titanium is not bad, and the price is very advantageous. Reliable Chinese!

Ms. Acallari


We use calcium silicon cored wire in our power transmission and distribution systems, and the conductivity and durability of the product is excellent, which perfectly meets our needs.Please continue to maintain such product quality!

Stankevich Vladimir Alexandrovich


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