Ferro Alloy Suppliers


Ferro alloy suppliers play a crucial role in the steel and foundry industries. These industries heavily rely on ferro alloys to enhance the properties of their products. Ferro alloys are alloys of iron that contain a high percentage of one or more elements such as manganese, silicon, or chromium. These elements are added to iron … Read more

Ferro Alloy Smelting Plant

A ferroalloy smelting plant is a facility that specializes in the production of ferroalloys. These plants are designed to smelt various types of ores and metals, typically including iron, manganese, chromium, silicon, and other elements, to create ferroalloys. Ferroalloys are essential components in the manufacturing of steel and other alloys, as they impart specific properties … Read more

Ferro Alloy Producer

A ferroalloy producer is a company or entity that specializes in the production and manufacturing of ferro alloys. Ferro alloys are a group of iron-based alloys that are used in various industries, primarily in the steelmaking process. These alloys are made by combining iron with other elements such as manganese, silicon, chromium, or vanadium, among … Read more

Ferro Alloy Price

Ferro alloy price refers to the cost or value associated with various types of ferro alloys, which are essential components in the production of steel and other metal alloys. These alloys are typically composed of iron and one or more additional elements, such as manganese, silicon, chromium, or vanadium. The price of ferro alloys is … Read more

Ferro Alloy Making Process

Ferro alloy-making process involves the production of alloys that contain iron and other elements. These alloys are used in various industries, such as steelmaking, foundries, and manufacturing. The process typically includes the smelting of raw materials, such as iron ore and coke, in a furnace, along with the addition of other elements to achieve the … Read more

Benefits of adding ferroalloy cored wire to steelmaking

Impact of Ferro Alloy Addition on Steel Properties Ferro alloy cored wire is a type of wire that is used in the steelmaking and casting industries. It is made by encapsulating various ferro alloys, such as calcium, silicon, and manganese, within a steel sheath. This wire is designed to be easily added to molten metal … Read more

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Real Testimonials from Customers

20 days ago, I purchased 15 tons of metal silicon powder for the manufacture of refractory materials. After receiving the goods, they were inspected and met our requirements. Thank you for providing me with high quality metal silicon powder.


Pavel Zakharov


I inquired about 3 suppliers of ferro-titanium, and finally chose to cooperate with Zhen'an. FeTitanium 70 with an order quantity of 20 tons, after inspection, the quality of ferro-titanium is not bad, and the price is very advantageous. Reliable Chinese!

Ms. Acallari


We use calcium silicon cored wire in our power transmission and distribution systems, and the conductivity and durability of the product is excellent, which perfectly meets our needs.Please continue to maintain such product quality!

Stankevich Vladimir Alexandrovich


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