High Carbon Ferromanganese and Low Carbon Ferromanganese


Manganese is one of the most important alloying elements in steel materials. Manganese can change various properties such as strength, hardness, toughness, wear resistance and heat resistance of steel materials. Manganese in iron and steel materials is mainly obtained by adding ferromanganese alloys to its melt.

Ferromanganese can be divided into high carbon, medium carbon and low carbon ferromanganese due to different carbon content. Among them, high carbon ferromanganese is strictly limited due to its high carbon content, which will significantly increase the carbon content of steel when added to steel materials. Low carbon ferromanganese does not have the same problems as high carbon ferromanganese due to its low carbon content. Therefore, low carbon ferromanganese has a larger dosage and wider use than high carbon ferromanganese. , an important raw material for wear-resistant steel and structural steel.

In the past, the production of low-carbon ferromanganese was mainly by blowing oxygen and decarburization into the liquid high-carbon ferromanganese melt to convert high-carbon ferromanganese into low-carbon ferromanganese. The high-carbon ferromanganese liquid oxidative decarburization method has complex production process, high cost and serious environmental pollution.

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