Which Raw Material Factors Affect The Smelting Quality Of High Carbon Ferrochromium


The smelting methods of high carbon ferrochromium include blast furnace method, electric furnace method, plasma furnace method, etc. The raw materials for smelting high carbon ferrochromium include chrome ore, coke and silica. It should be noted that in the production of high carbon ferrochrome, there are the following four factors will have a certain impact on the quality of high carbon ferrochrome:

1. Harmful impurities in raw materials: Sulfur and phosphorus in the impurities are harmful, because they will affect the quality of steel after melting into ferrochrome alloy.

2. Whether the particle size of raw materials is suitable has a great influence on the smelting process. If the particle size of raw materials is too large,  the raw materials will not be easy to melt, causing the increase of electrical conductivity and slag amount, which deteriorates the furnace condition.

3. The drying of raw materials is also very important, especially for coke. Coke has large porosity and strong water absorption. The fluctuation of water in coke first affects the accuracy of the ratio of fixed carbon in the charge, and then the evaporation of water also consumes heat. Especially when the material is collapsed, the wet material directly enters the crucible area, absorbing a lot of heat and increasing the power consumption. After the wet coke is broken, its powder often blocks the sieve holes or makes the sieve holes smaller, as a result, the coke powder cannot be sieved, and the powder in the coke increases. When the wet coke is loaded into the closed furnace, it is easy to block the material pipe and generate suspended material. When the material collapses, air will be brought in, and the pressure in the furnace will increase rapidly, which may cause an explosion accident. So we should pay extra attention.

4. The purity of raw materials: Raw materials with high purity can achieve high yield and low consumption.

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