Low Carbon Ferro Manganese


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Ferromanganese is a ferroalloy with high manganese content (high-carbon ferromanganese can contain as much as 80% Mn by weight).It is made by heating a mixture of the oxides MnO2 and Fe2O3, with carbon (usually as coal and coke) in either a blast furnace or an electric arc furnace-type system, called a submerged arc furnace. The oxides undergo carbothermal reduction in the furnaces, producing the ferromanganese. Ferromanganese is used as a deoxidizer for steel.

Mn C Si P S 10-50mm
Low Carbon Ferro Manganese 80 0.4 2.0 0.15/0.3 0.02
80 0.7 2.0 0.2/0.3 0.02
Medium Carbon Ferro Manganese 78 1.5/2.0 2.0 0.2/0.35 0.03
75 2.0 2.0 0.2/0.35 0.03
High Carbon Ferro Manganese 75 7.0 2.0 0.2/0.3 0.03
65 7.0 2.0 0.2/0.3 0.03


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A: Our collection methods include T/ T, L / C, etc

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