Ferro Titanium 40

Ferrotitanium is an alloying additive consisting of iron and titanium with a minimum weight of titanium (20% )and a maximum weight content (75%) produced by reduction or melting. Ferro Titanium 40 is manufactured by melting titanium scrap (sponge, chips and solids) with iron in an induction furnace. The alloy is highly reactive with nitrogen, oxygen, carbon and sulfur, forming insoluble compounds. It has low density, high strength and excellent corrosion resistance.

With tons of titanium raw material in our plant, ZhenAn is capable of producing any and all grades mentioned in our grades section. As a professional metallurgical supplier, ZhenAn can also produce special grades of products according to customers’ requirements.

Ferro titanium specification
Grade Ti Al Si P S C Cu Mn
FeTi40-A 35-45 9.0 3.0 0.03 0.03 0.10 0.4 2.5
FeTi40-B 35-45 9.5 4.0 0.04 0.04 0.15 0.4 2.5

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