Ferro Vanadium 50


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Ferrovanadium is an alloy used to strengthen steel. It is a combination of iron and vanadium in which vanadium content varies from 35%-80%. It is used as an additive to enhance the quality of ferroalloys.

Ferrovanadium is obtained by reducing vanadium pentoxide in an electric furnace with carbon, and can also be obtained by reduction of vanadium pentoxide by electric furnace silicon thermal method.

 FeV composition (%)
Grade V Al P Si C
FeV50-A 48-55 1.5 0.07 2.00 0.40
FeV50-B 48-55 2.0 0.10 2.50 0.60

Ferro Vanadium is available in a range of sizes and packing from ZhenAn.


Q:What metal do you supply?

A:We supply ferro silicon,silicon metal,ferromanganese,ferro vanadium, ferro titanium, ferromolybdenum,and other metal materials. Please write to us for what you are looking for, we”ll send you our recently price for your reference.

Q:What’s the delivery time? Do you have products in stock?

A:Yes we have quantitative products in stock. Accurate delivery time depends on your detailed quantity, usually about 7-15 days.

Q:What is your terms of delivery?

A:We accept FOB, CFR, CIF, etc. You can choose the most convenient way for you.

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