Ferro Vanadium 60


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Ferro Vanadium is an alloy used to add vanadium to molten steel. Ferrovanadium (FeV 60) is an alloy formed by combining iron and vanadium with a vanadium content range of 60-65%. Steelmaking is the largest use of vanadium and accounts for 90 percent or more of all vanadium consumption worldwide.


♦Ferro Vanadium is a universal hardener and anti-corrosive for high strength low alloys steels, tool steels and other steel grades.

♦Ferrous vanadium is a ferroalloy composed of vanadium and iron, which is mainly used as an alloy additive in steelmaking.

♦The vanadium in ferrovanadium can improve the strength, toughness, ductility and heat resistance of steel, and improve the cutting performance of steel.

♦High vanadium ferro-vanadium is also used as an additive in nonferrous alloys.

 FeV composition (%)
Grade V Al P Si C
FeV60-A 58-65 1.5 0.06 2.00 0.40
FeV60-B 58-65 2.0 0.10 2.50 0.60


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