Ferro Vanadium 80

Ferro Vanadium is an alloy material that offer stability against alkalis, sulphuric, and hydrochloric acid. It gives corrosion resistance to steel and helps in increasing the tensile strength of steel, welding electrodes & casting.


1. It Is an important alloy additive in iron and steel industry. It can improve the strength, toughness, ductility and heat resistance of steel.

2. In the non-ferrous alloy is mainly used to produce vanadium ferrotitanium alloy.

3. Mainly used as an alloy additive in steelmaking. The hardness, strength, wear resistance and ductility of steel can be significantly improved by adding ferrovanadium into steel, and the cutting performance of steel can be improved.

4. Suitable for alloy steel smelting, alloy element additive and stainless steel electrode coating, etc.

FeV composition (%)
Grade V Al P Si C
FeV80-A 78-82 1.5 0.05 1.50 0.15
FeV80-B 78-82 2.0 0.06 1.50 0.20

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