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Vanadium Pentoxide Flake

Vanadium pentoxide fused flakes series amphoteric oxide,but in acidic,color is yellow to rust colored crystal. As the toxic substances in the air, the maximum allowable amount less than 0.5mg/m3.

Content of certain elements can be customized


Diameter size:Width 20-80mm; Thickness 2-8mm

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Shape : Fused Flake Type

Introduction to vanadium pentoxide flakes

Vanadium pentoxide fused flakes series amphoteric oxide,but in acidic,color is yellow to rust colored crystal. As the toxic substances in the air, the maximum allowable amount less than 0.5mg/m3.

Vanadium pentoxide flakes mainly used in the manufacture of furnace electrode coat, or added to steel for special steel; can be used as a contact agent of glass and ceramic industry.

vanadium pentoxide flake Specifications

GradeChemical Composition %
V₂O₅9797.0 0.250.3o0. 2.5

Highest Grade Flake Vanadium Pentoxide
Packing: 250kg steel drum/one ton bag
Shape : Melt Type
Sales quantity: 5000 tons/month

Vanadium pentoxide flake properties

Due to the special shape of the flaky structure, the flaky vanadium pentoxide has a larger specific surface area. This means that it has more surface active sites per unit mass, which is conducive to the adsorption of reactive substances and the progress of catalytic reactions.

Flake vanadium pentoxide has excellent catalytic performance as a catalyst or catalyst carrier. Its high specific surface area and sheet-like structure provide more active surfaces and facilitate the contact and reaction between the reactant species and the catalyst. Flake vanadium pentoxide can be used in various catalytic reactions such as oxidation reaction, denitrification reaction, and oxidative dehydrogenation.

Flake vanadium pentoxide can be used in electrochemical applications such as supercapacitors, lithium-ion batteries, etc. Its high specific surface area and sheet-like structure facilitate charge transfer and ion diffusion, providing high electrochemical activity and energy storage performance.

Flake vanadium pentoxide can be used as a photocatalyst with good photocatalytic performance. Its sheet-like structure can provide more light-absorbing surfaces and provide sufficient reaction interfaces to promote photocatalytic reactions. Flake vanadium pentoxide can be used in photocatalytic reactions such as water splitting to produce hydrogen and degradation of organic pollutants.

The morphology and properties of flake vanadium pentoxide can be adjusted by adjusting the preparation method, conditions and subsequent treatment. This makes it possible to design and prepare flake vanadium pentoxide with specific morphology and properties according to specific needs.

Flake Vanadium Pentoxide Manufacturers of Zhen’an Metallurgical Flake Vanadium Pentoxide Manufacturers has high cost performance due to low raw material procurement cost, low power cost and labor cost. Choosing Zhen’an as your partner can improve your company’s benefits.

As Flake Vanadium Pentoxide Manufacturer and Suppliers, we provide you Flake Vanadium Pentoxide.

Application of vanadium pentoxide flake

For metallurgy & chemical industry:

1. Widely used in metallurgy, chemical and other industries, mainly used for smelting vanadium iron.

2. As an alloy additive, accounting for more than 80% of the total consumption of vanadium pentoxide

3. followed by catalysts, i.e. catalysts, accounting for about 10% of the total.

4. inorganic chemicals, chemical reagents, enamels and magnetic materials accounting for about 10% of the total.

Choosing vanadium pentoxide for Your project

Why choose Zhen An Metallurgy as your long-term partner?

30 years of production and sales experience:

Zhenan Metallurgy is located in Anyang City, Henan Province, China. It has 30 years of production experience and can produce high-quality vanadium pentoxide flake sat according to user requirements.

Customized according to customer needs:

Zhenan Metallurgy has its own metallurgical experts, and the chemical composition, particle size and packaging of vanadium pentoxide flake can be customized according to customer requirements.

Worry-free delivery:

The annual output of Zhen’an metallurgical vanadium pentoxide flake alloy metal is 1.5 million tons, and the spot inventory is 200,000 tons. The supply is stable and the delivery is timely.

Free samples:

Zhenan Metallurgical will give you the greatest support, and provide free flake vanadium pentoxide samples.

Support third-party testing:

Zhenan Metallurgical has a strict quality control system. Flake vanadium pentoxide for steel making has been inspected more than 3 times before leaving the factory. At the same time, we accept third-party inspections such as SGS and BV to provide you with the greatest guarantee.

Manufacturer’s strength display:

Our factory covers an area of 30,000 square meters, with a full set of modern production equipment, two large-scale production bases such as hydrometallurgy, two key laboratories and a metallurgical material testing center with 16 senior researchers.


Our factory covering an area of 30,000 square meters


Annual production and sales more than 1,500,000 tons.

Professional team to provide you with better service

Zhenan Metallurgy has a high-quality talent team integrating sales, production and R&D, including 16 senior researchers, 28 professional engineers, 35 international sales personnel, 10 senior operation personnel, and more than 300 production technicians.

Zhen An metallurgical certificate display

Zhen An metallurgical certificate display

Our products have been exported to 78 countries, and many regular customers have visited our company and factory and placed multiple orders. After one cooperation, trust has been established with us, and customers will place orders multiple times, and some will introduce new customers to us.

What services does Zhenan provide you?

In order to meet the needs of different customers, we accept the following customization:

Customized product specifications: According to the specific needs of customers, you can provide silicon metal products with different specifications, including customized services in terms of chemical composition, size, shape, surface treatment, etc.
Customized packaging requirements: According to the specific needs of customers, you can provide different types of packaging materials and packaging methods to ensure the safety and stability of products during transportation and storage.
Customized product quality: According to the specific needs of customers, you can provide different product quality requirements, including customized services in terms of chemical composition, physical properties, surface treatment, etc.

Ask about custom services

In order to ensure the quantity and quality of the products you receive, we pay more attention to packaging:

High pressure resistance: Our packaging has sufficient pressure resistance to withstand the pressure and vibration that may occur during stacking and transportation.
Shock resistance: Multi-layer packaging avoids possible shock and vibration during transportation, protecting the product from damage as much as possible.
Sealing performance: Adding a layer of waterproof film has sufficient sealing performance to prevent air, moisture and other substances from entering the packaging and affecting the quality of raw materials.
Convenient transportation: We generally use drums or ton bags for packaging, so that you can transport them more conveniently.
Eco-Friendly and Sustainable: Our packaging materials are eco-friendly, allowing you to recycle or dispose of them safely without polluting the local environment.

Learn about our packaging

If you want free samples, the process is as follows:

Contact us: Tell us your needs and contact information through the message form on the website, or send an email to our email
Communication details: Our professional sales staff will recommend the most suitable products for you according to your needs, and ask you if you need samples. If you need samples, we will provide them to you for free.
Shipping and receipt: After the sample is shipped, we will inform you and track the logistics information of the sample to ensure that you can receive it on time.

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The products provided by Zhenan Metallurgy can provide the following testing services through third-party testing agencies. These third-party testing services can provide independent, objective verification that products comply with relevant standards and regulations.

X-ray Diffraction (XRD): XRD is a commonly used analytical technique that can be used to determine the crystal structure and composition of a sample. By comparing with the known standard spectrum, it is possible to confirm whether the sample contains vanadium pentoxide, and analyze its crystal form and purity.
Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM): SEM can be used to observe and characterize the morphology, surface morphology and structural features of vanadium pentoxide flakes. SEM images can provide information about the flake structure, such as particle size, shape and distribution, etc.
Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (EDS): EDS is used in combination with SEM to detect the composition of elements in a vanadium pentoxide sample. By analyzing the characteristic energy and intensity of X-rays on the surface of the sample, the existence and relative content of elements can be determined.

Ask about third-party testing services
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