Uses And Applications Of Silicon Metal

Metal Silicon(Si) is industrially purified elemental silicon, which is mainly used for the production of organic silicon, the preparation of high-purity semiconductor materials, and the manufacture of alloys with special uses.

1. Produce silicone rubber, silicone resin, silicone oil and other silicones. Silicone rubber has good elasticity and high temperature resistance. It is used to make medical supplies, high temperature gaskets, etc. Silicone resins are used in the production of insulating paints, high temperature coatings, etc. Silicone oil is an oily substance whose viscosity is little affected by temperature. It is used in the production of advanced lubricants, glazing agents, fluid springs, dielectric liquids, etc. It can also be processed into colorless and transparent liquids and sprayed as advanced waterproofing agents. on the building surface.

2. Manufacturing high-purity semiconductors, modern large-scale integrated circuits are almost all made of high-purity metal silicon, and high-purity metal silicon is also the main raw material for the production of optical fibers. It can be said that metal silicon has become the basic pillar industry of the information age.

3. Alloy preparation, silicon-aluminum alloy is the most used silicon alloy. Silicon aluminum alloy is a kind of strong composite deoxidizer, which can improve the utilization rate of deoxidizer by replacing pure aluminum in the steelmaking process, and can purify molten steel and improve the quality of steel. Silicon-aluminum alloy has low density, low thermal expansion coefficient, good casting performance and wear resistance. and auto parts. Silicon copper alloy has good welding performance, and it is not easy to generate sparks when it is impacted. It has explosion-proof function and can be used to make storage tanks. Silicon is added to steel to make silicon steel sheet, which can greatly improve the magnetic permeability of steel, reduce hysteresis and eddy current loss, and can use it to make iron cores of transformers and motors to improve the performance of transformers and motors.

At present, the international common practice is to divide commodity silicon into metal silicon and semiconductor silicon. Silicon metal is a product smelted by quartz and coke in an electric heating furnace. The content of the main component silicon is about 98% (in recent years, the silicon content of 99.99% is also known as metal silicon), and the remaining impurities are iron and aluminum. , calcium, etc. Semiconductor silicon High-purity metal silicon used to make semiconductor devices. It is sold in the form of polycrystalline and single crystal, the former is cheap and the latter is expensive. It is divided into various specifications due to different uses.

With the development of science and technology, the application field of metal silicon will be further expanded.



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