Comparison Of Smelting Methods For High Carbon Ferromanganese


High-carbon ferromanganese is generally made from an alloy composed of manganese and iron, and the carbon content is generally about 2.0% to 8.0%. Electric furnace high carbon ferromanganese is mainly used as deoxidizer, desulfurizer and alloy additive in steelmaking. There are two main refining methods for high carbon ferromanganese, namely blast furnace method and electric furnace method.

1. The production of high-carbon ferromanganese by blast furnace method began in 1875 and has a history of more than 100 years. my country used blast furnace to produce ferromanganese in 1949. High carbon ferromanganese was produced by blast furnace method. Due to the large amount of coke used, more impurities were brought into the product, especially the content of harmful element impurity phosphorus was much larger than that of electric furnace high carbon ferromanganese. . Although blast furnace production has the advantages of lower production costs, due to the increasing quality requirements of the iron and steel industry for ferroalloys, its application scope is limited to a certain extent before the technology of dephosphorization outside the furnace is gradually matured and put into industrial production.

2. The production of high carbon ferromanganese by the electric furnace method is a method of producing high carbon ferromanganese in a reduction electric furnace with a short furnace body, using electric energy as a heat source and coke as a reducing agent. The electric furnace high carbon ferromanganese contains less impurities in silicon, phosphorus and sulfur; since the amount of coke required by the electric furnace method is much less than that of the blast furnace method, the amount of charge required to smelt one ton of high carbon ferromanganese is also less, and the corresponding import The phosphorus content in the product is low, and it is easy to obtain low-phosphorus products.

Due to the different heat sources for smelting high carbon ferromanganese in blast furnace and electric furnace, the furnace body structure, geometry and operation method of the two are different, but the principle of smelting high carbon ferromanganese in the two furnaces is the same.

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